Fuji XT2 , 24mm | ISO 400 |  f2.8 | 1/5400 

Own Preset

What a couple of weeks! We have launched Farmers Market, our brand new take on the Trade Show ... well somebody just had to refresh this format and we figured that somebody was actually us. It's now up and running and if you haven't had a chance yet, please do check out the list of brilliant classes that we have available. One of them is AWKWARD TO AWESOME offered by the talented Dale Weeks where he is going to share his secrets for getting these endlessly cool couple shots that he has become known for. These images might look effortless but of course we all know, that it is rarely like that behind the scenes. So we are excited to learn from Dale and go out and shoot a real couple with him. He has asked us to find one as awkward as possible to show just how much you can turn an experience around for people. And so it does seem rather fitting that I have also picked one of his couple portraits for Image of The Week. As usual it is fascinating to find out more about the background to these photos and so I asked Dale to explain a little more about this very beautiful picture.

"The photo was taken at Hackney West Reservoir.
I’d shot there before and knew it had a beautiful jetty with a nice skyline, but the last time I’d got a couple out for a photo there were cranes up in the skyline and the lake was covered in kayaking, supping and all sorts of bouys etc.
It wasn’t exactly pretty so wasn’t fussed about recreating it -  when I mentioned the jetty to the couple the groom wasn’t really up for it either/anyway and just wanted some shots in the park, but I could tell the bride was up for it and we were arriving at the venue before the guests so had a few minutes to kill.

We got through the park and it started raining, the bride power walked the 10 minute walk to the venue and we slipped under the barrier and out onto the jetty.
The venue manager came running out after us and insisted that I needed to wear a life jacket to stand on the jetty, while holding a Baywatch buoyancy aid – I can’t even. Like the bride and groom were allowed to walk all the way out there unaided, on their wedding day, in their finery (thank god) but it was me that needed saving...?
Anyway, the skyline still looked a little off, and the lake was absolutely filled with boating *rubbish* again.

I told the couple to walk a little slower as they were already half way out and I was now attempting to put a life jacket on over my holsters and backpack.

As soon as I was ready, I took a few shots quickly - and this one of them walking out while looking at each other as if no one else is around is my favourite.

So then I cheated the skyline and parts of the lake in photoshop to clean it up, because, why not. I flipped the left half of the screen onto the right and blended it back in with the bride.

Some shots are worth saving and spending a bit of extra time on, either convincing the groom it will look good even if you’re not sure – or going along with stupid insurance requirements- or even a bit of touching up."