Canon 5dmk3 | Sigma 24mm 1.4 | ISO 100 |  f2.2 | 1/250 

Our preset is a carefully constructed entity. It's taken us a couple of years to get to where we want it. We want our photographs to look like they were shot on film, not in a trendy way, but in the mid 80s kinda way. Like the photographs we have of us as children. We want them to be as true to colour as they can be so they won't date. Or in the case of b+w to look like it could be a still from a film. 

Are you liking the new format for Image of the Week? Have to say I am really happy that the Farmers are getting on board with it so much. Aren't we all just endlessly fascinated with how a photograph was made? It's so interesting to see the settings and hear the story behind them. Yes it takes a little bit of effort on the winner's part to send me the information but so far, they've been happy to. I see it as a little like Paying it Forward and I love that Farmers have also been nominating each other's images. This week the lovely Nikki Cooper put forward this brilliantly constructed image from talented duo Emma and Rich. Normally we know this pair for their colourful and quirky images but hot damn they also rock the documentary stuff as well. Read on to hear Emma's words on this shot ...

"Emily and Dan had an outdoor ceremony at Stepney Hill Farm in Scarborough. The farm has the most amazing views over the Yorkshire countryside and the weather was perfect. I (Emma) rode to the ceremony with Emily and her Dad. We rode in a Morris Minor and I threw myself out of the car when we got to the venue as people were still milling about and Emily didn't want everyone to see her. Her Dad had done the same and when I turned round I caught this moment of Emily's dad looking into the car and Emily watching people heading to the hay bales. The whole morning had been wonderfully hectic as everyone got ready in Emily's paternal home, mostly in the fantastic kitchen. This was the first still moment of the day. It only lasted for about 6 seconds but it felt a lot longer at the time. When I had the image in colour it looked OK, but the colours did distract from the moment, Emily had a beautiful flower crown and the car was racing green I think. I flicked it to b+w and well, you can see what happened next.

I (Emma) do all the culling and editing, but we go through the images together before releasing them to the world. Rich made a call on this one as I was torn and couldn't decide what to do. He made the point of this image being all about the moment and the two people, not the colours of the flowers or the car. As much as I love everything being super colourful, I realise that sometimes it is all about the emotion and those emotions can shine through when the distractions are taken away."