Hello from Sheffield, I have just arrived ahead of tomorrow's Shoot Day at a glorious old Picture House. I'm looking forward to seeing what our lead photographers and our attendees come up with in that incredible space. But for now it's time for Image of the Week. I predict movement in images will be a 'thing' this year. Personally, I feel like as the cameras get more and more advanced, we might potentially be losing some of the magic of photography. With instant results and less chance for error, is there also less of those wonderful mistakes that are accidentally beautiful? 

Back when I shot music on transparency or film, you just had to make do with the ISO in the camera at any one time so movement was often inevitable and could be so sweet. It's the movement in this photograph from talented Scottish Farmer Andrew Rae that adds in that magical element. Andrew has used digital to his advantage and shot with a low shutter speed in this image in a very sublime way. While it very beautifully conveys that feeling of being in a big white frock and swishing it around just because you can, it is the bride's serene expression that keeps this classy.