Gaaaahhhh! We have so many exciting things coming up with Farm. Next week sees our second Shoot Day and this time we have access to an old Picture House. I've just secured the venues for FarmShop19 and will be announcing dates soon. AND the beady eyed amongst you might have spotted that we have soft launched a new event called Farmers Market. What's that? Well it's a different kind of Trade Show down in Brighton in October but as it's Farm you can expect some really strong educational elements and I'm super excited to be bringing on board some new mentors.

One of them is Paulo Santos, a Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars winner who is just as passionate about education as we are. He is known for his documentary approach but I think if you come along to his classes you might be surprised at how he achieves this. Anyway I'm super intrigued and cannot wait to hear him talk. Meantime I've seen this image that he shot recently all over my social media this week and it stopped me in my tracks every single time. It could be a still from some incredible Rhianna video not a real wedding image. This is wedding photography at the very highest level. Did I mention that I'm excited?