Today, I'm up in sunny Glasgow on our Fusion workshop with the brilliant Walnut Wasp. When I say sunny, I mean expect any kind of weather at any moment. Yesterday there were hailstorms followed by sunshine and basically you need to dress for any eventuality here. Waterproof jacket/sunglasses/layers/boots. As wedding photographers we just have to accept whatever nature gives us. And I often think that the best photographers just embrace the weather and use it as an asset.

Like this image shot over in Belfast by the talented Agnieszka Marsh. Using a break in the rain and a puddle gifted to them by nature, Aga has created this really interesting reflections shot. The cranes are hugely iconic in the city, they dominate the skyline and so much local history is entwined into the site. My own grandfather was killed there when a gangway gave way as they were building a ship for Eva Perón. It's great to see them used for happy memories and of course that yellow is such a wonderful element.