Oh Facebook! What a turbulent few weeks you have had and in all that turmoil you quietly binned one of your most useful features. Facebook Lists. Being able to create a list of accounts meant that we could choose a select number of accounts to put in one place. A curated feed for any reason that suited you and for me, the biggest use of this excellent feature was following all the Farmers. The FB list was where the majority of these winning images came from. But sadly it has now stopped working altogether. So, I've asked the Farmers to use #photographyfarmer on Instagram to draw my attention to any images that they thinking are worthy. 

On their own images or as a comment on someone else's. We only started last night and already I can see some fantastic images. However I have chosen this shot today from the lovely Jules at Julie B Photo. We've had a lot of outdoors winners and it's easy to forget that formal portraits can be done just as well if not better indoors sometimes. Indoors is cosy, intimate and romantic. All of those are expressed very well in this image but it's also beautifully framed and lit. A shot like this may well be how their wedding felt to this couple and it's a great photo. I'm looking forward to seeing this new hashtag develop and I'm excited about seeing some more winners.