Doesn't it feel like it's been winter forever? Looking back over recent Images of the Week, I can see that all this bad weather is actually pushing the Farmers to be more creative, which is a good thing of course. But wouldn't it be nice to have some pleasant weather to shoot in now? Maybe that will happen this weekend but for now this shot from Andrew Rae seems to sum up the bleakness of the long winter. It's another elopement photo but very different to last week's. It's actually what might be considered and out-take shot. 

This is a moment in between set up shots but as wedding photographers we actively seek those moments and often find more narrative there. There is a very strong dynamic between the couple and that feeling of battling the elements is made all the more dramatic by the bride seemingly battling with that dress. I love this shot and I'm sure this captures the feeling for that couple of the huge efforts required for these outdoor Scottish Elopement Images. It feels like they are on a journey together and as a viewer we get to ride along.