Personal work improves your professional work. This is something that we discussed in depth at FarmShop earlier this month. Gabe McClintock explained it very well saying a professional dancer does not just go out on stage once a week and perform, they rehearse, they practise, they perfect their art in the rest of the week. So why as wedding photographers would you only pick up your camera on a Saturday? When you are not fully in control of everything, when you are working to someone else's timeline. Experimenting and expanding your skill set is much easier to orchestrate when you have time and can control everything. 

We've been challenging ourselves to do more personal work since we returned from FarmShop and I love that now we are starting to see some results in Farmers' wedding work. This is a fantastic example from the very talented David Ruff who attended FarmShop and seems to be on fire creatively since he returned. The in camera multiple exposure is a very tricky technique to master and I can't tell you how many that I have tried and failed at when shooting a wedding. So I'm hugely in awe that David achieved this one at a wedding last weekend and I now know that my personal project this week needs to involve experimenting with this.