What about that snow? You might expect or be prepared for it at December or January wedding.. but mid March? Nobody plans a wedding for then and thinks they will be hosting it in a blizzard. So if you shot a wedding this past weekend and battled the elements to get there and to shoot in it then well done. Seriously top efforts. I never think ours is an easy job but that just multiplied the stress levels by 20. Challenging as it is, snow can also offer fantastic creative possibilities and I've loved seeing some of the snowy sneak peeks coming at us.

And they don't have to just be in the daytime. Snow lit at night looks incredible. I've now seen quite a few after dark shots from the weekend but this is the outstanding one for me. It's by the talented Lee Allen and just so well executed. The couple must have been utterly freezing but they look so happy and in the moment that they don't seem to care. There is that 'in it together' sense and the backlit snow makes it appear as if they are lost in their own universe, dancing in the stars. They must be pretty delighted with this.