Gaaaahhhhh.. I keep going to write a mail out about last week's FarmShop18 but I still cannot formulate the words to describe how great it was. That synergy that develops when we bring creative and humble souls together for the joy of sharing knowledge.. it is a deeply inspiring thing to be involved in. And as soon as I can form proper sentences I plan to write down my thoughts. However, for now I think the whole experience can be summed up in this one image from mentor Eric Ronald.

He produced this killer shot on the Brighton half of the Shoot Days and then showed it as part of his presentation in Edinburgh... Immediately selling out his Scottish sessions! Such a clever, inspiring and charming human being and I'm so grateful that he travelled halfway around this planet to share with us and let us in on some of his secrets. Have a look at this slideshow he has already made.. just incredible. And I adore that this is Sam who helps me at Farm and his love Vee, awhhh!