Gahhhhhhh I'm so excited now for FarmShop. This time in two weeks we will be in the middle of it all and I'm incredibly excited to see it come together. My mentors for this one are busy putting the finishing touches on their presentations and I can see that this is going to be an inspiring and thought-provoking couple of days. The Shoot Sessions are always really interesting, seeing what different photographers do in the same space is utterly fascinating. I've seen some of the mentors shoot before and their techniques were a surprise to me. One of those is Neil Thomas Douglas who might be known for his big landscapes and cityscapes but he actually shoots in quite a considered and quiet way. I think his attendees will learn so much in his Shoot Sessions. 

A big theme that is developing across all of this year's FarmShop is cinematography and its influences on still photography and story telling with weddings. I think in this image that I spotted on Neil's Instagram this morning, we can see the symmetry, simple lines and muted colour palette favoured by Wes Anderson in his films. And using cinematic influences in your wedding work is a great technique for alluding to bigger stories in your shots. This photograph could easily be made into a film poster and beyond all of that, it's just a stunning wedding image. If you are on the fence about joining us at FarmShop, just jump on board. Nothing beats coming together in small groups with like minded photographers all turning up to learn. I cannot wait!