We had a little poll going in our Facebook group this week on who are favourite male/female/duo wedding photographers are right now. In the female category one name came up again and again ... Lisa Jane. Lisa joined us as an attendee, has graduated to mentor, growing along with Farm. She is very deserving of the admiration. Lisa knows who she is as a photographer and she always produces work that is sensitive and intimate. She is highly skilled with the technical side of photography but her clients book her for these heartfelt, emotional images and for her ability to record moments.

It's very far from easy to get shots like this, it involves trust and getting in close.. really, really close. Lisa is a master of it and what gets me with this particular shot is that nose squish. Only your lover does that to you and how lovely to have it recorded in an image. This shot is from an elopement and they seem to be the big thing in weddings right now. I see a lot of big landscape, small couple shots from elopements but please don't neglect the close shots too people. If you've heard me teach, you know I avocate shooting like a cinematographer. Shoot Wide, Mid, Close Up and Extreme Close Up.