Well after all the groom shots making winners in the last few weeks, it seems perfectly fair that today it's a bridal portrait that wins. Of course these can be a great opportunity to get something beautiful and romantic just like Hannah from Rocksalt Photography had done here. Personally I absolutely adore shooting them. I doubt I will ever fall out of love with photographing the process of an ordinary girl becoming a bride and then when everything is on, shooting her portrait while she is still full of nerves and anticipation for the day ahead.

If you are a wedding photographer then no doubt you know what a friend window light can be for you at venues for this part of the day. Instant soft box but the obvious thing to do is have the bride facing you beside the window, so I love that Hannah has positioned herself more behind this bride and it results in her facing away from camera and out of the window. Her features are turned away from us so we can't read her expression but the pensive pose suggests serenity anyway. This is a very pretty and intriguing bridal portrait and I'm inspired for next time I shoot.