Last day of January! I had an email from a client this week that started with 'I hope you are surviving January'. As if it's some kind of flu! I actually love January so much, it feels like a lot less is expected of us and nobody cares if you just want to spend a couple of days shuffling around your house in slippers. Yes I've survived it and I feel super refreshed for it and hugely excited for the year ahead. January is also an ace month for catching up with yourself in business, we all need a little breathing space to grow and I love that we are seeing so much blogging and social media activity from Farmers right now.

So I've been seeing plenty of potential winners for Image of the Week but in the end, this one from Gillian and Chris aka The Curries stood out most to me. It's pretty rare for our winners to feature no brides but let's not forget that groom party shots can be just as creative as any other. In fact after a few drinks have gone down, you'd probably struggle to find more willing subjects at a wedding. But the other reason that this wins for me is that it displays so eloquently that lack of daylight very much does not mean lack of opportunity. Like so many previous winners this shot makes great use of the environment and tells a cracking story.