Well that was such a fun week! Were you a winner? Our contest proved to be hugely popular and not surprising when you looked at the incredible prizes donated by our industry friends. Behind all the companies that we work with are individuals that are also passionate about photography and they happen to be great at business. I think we have a lot to learn from them so that's why we have Sponsor Day at FarmShop and that's why it's totally free to attend. But that's not why I'm here... it's also time for Image of The Week. Our Facebook group isn't one of those places that you go to 

because you wish show off an image that you are proud of. There are groups around specifically for that and I've wondered if we had that element, would selecting these images be easier? However I like that it's not based on likes or self promotion and I see this as a way of celebrating work for its own sake. But I did see this image in our group as Philly from Philly Photography was seeking advice on processing it. I love the starkness of this and how that allows the couple to be isolated yet intimate at the same time. So now I'm wondering.. should we all post more images in there?