Hey have you entered our incredible contest yet? Our industry friends have been so generous this time around and it makes me super excited about FarmShop18. As I write this I'm also editing my podcast with the very brilliant Jennifer Moher so I also cannot wait to meet all the new Mentors.. But back to business and let's talk about Facebook/Instagram. I'm actually finding it harder to find winners on Facebook.. simply because so many photographers are putting nearly all their efforts into Instagram. So this image I spotted on IG and messaged Sean Bell to get the file from him. 

There are so many interesting elements to this image. In it's purest form it's a simple bridal portrait involving a mirror... something we've probably all seen several times. But what Sean has done is take this concept and elevate it into something quite special. He has eliminated all distracting factors and she is purely lit by the mirror resulting in a beautiful reflection and an equally as beautiful rim of light on the bride. It possesses a delicate beauty and is utterly entrancing. But please all of us, let's not go all out on any one social media channel. It's never a good strategy for marketing any business.