Farmers Image Of The Week #24

This week has been phenomenal for everyone at The Farm. We could not be more chuffed for the Tour de Force that is Sassy from Assassynation who picked up one of the industry’s top accolades by becoming one of the 30 Rising Stars in Rangefinder magazine . We already know she is amazing and she is one of only two Farmers who have so far picked up Image of the Week twice. After Adam and I completed two amazing Farm Elements in London, we are full on the case for planning the next Farm Week and have already confirmed some amazing speakers. So keep following us for more details over the coming weeks but back to business and this week’s Image of the Week. I firmly believe that if you are going to do a styled shoot you should make it extraordinary… it is your place to flex your creative muscles and show what you are excited about or obsessed with. To say that everything has already been done is no excuse for not pushing the boundaries and not only thinking outside the box but making a whole new box that nobody has ever seen. I adore this shoot that Farmer Kylee Yee from Kytography has put together based on her obsession with horses. She wanted to create images that had strength and serenity and they most certainly do… The model is mesmerising and that horse, that light…. so beautiful.