Many of our winning images are what you might consider to be 'Epic Shots'. The ones where you really go big.. in terms of location, lighting, poses, etc. Indeed I very nearly chose this photo from Lee Allen as this week's winner. It's a fantastic example of the huge scene / small couple shot with the added twist of being at night with spectacular lights. He has really made use of this interesting location and I'm sure the couple love it. However, the more I looked at the full set the more this particular image screamed at me.

First up this is one cool couple, they have style by the dozen, so I love the editorial feel to this shot. I love the mood, it actually looks like they've just had a row, not the happiest day of their lives. I like the lighting.. how has he done this? There seems to be no shadows! Above all else, I love that it doesn't remotely look like a wedding image, the only element is her incredible wedding dress. I find this super inspiring and a direction that I'd love to take my own work in for the new season. Well done Lee, more of this please ..