So late this week but that's for two reasons... I've been out shooting nearly all week so only just getting some desk time today plus I knew that this shot would be very much worth the wait. I can see lots of people saying in groups that they don't like winter weddings or they are struggling to be as creative as normal. Yet some photographers can take the extra challenges and use them as a force to be more creative than ever. Maybe this time of year really shows us what you are made of, so how about this utterly spectacular shot from Neil Thomas Douglas?

Neil has gone from strength to strength since he first came to Farm in 2012. which is why he is one of our mentors for the upcoming FarmShop. As well as presenting a section on Day One, he will be offering shoot sessions on Day Two where he will be completely open about his techniques. Neil is also next in our series of Podcasts so check in on us next week to hear me chat to him about his work and of course that notorious Doppelgänger incident. For now though I just cannot get enough of this heart warming and enchanting winter elopement photo.