This will amuse you .. I just took a booking from someone who said I have to warn you that another photographer that we tried to book rejected our wedding as it's in the winter with a late ceremony. They said the lack of light would be a big issue. WHAT? If you are going to make a success of this as a career then you are going to have to embrace the challenges of winter weddings or you will find yourself having cashflow issues around about now. And what lack of light? Unless they are getting married in a cave in the total blackness, there will be light of some kind. So it's not nice warm afternoon sun, all that means is that you will have to get more creative with whatever light sources you do have access to.

Being forced to work without the obvious tools can only be good for the creative soul. Brush up on your flash skills by following Adam's module in The Barn and in no time that small black box that kicks around your camera bag will become a useful ally. I have an LED that I sometimes crack out for a winter wedding, it creates gorgeous warm directional light. Of course if your ceremony is early enough you might luck out like Sean Bell here and discover delightful little pockets of winter sun just waiting for you to play in. This is a stunning bridal portrait, it reminds me of the truly dreadful film Melancholia featuring Kirsten Dunst as a bride wandering around dark gardens in an apocalypse. It is worth watching for its great cinematography though.