Do you ever think about wedding traditions and wonder why we do them? I do, most of all I wonder why couples who have lived together for years spend the night before apart in fear of 'bad luck'. While most brides that I shoot seem happy to be 'given away' or wear white not very many of them seem to throw the bouquet anymore. I don't know if it just gets forgotten or they want to forever preserve the flowers in some way.. they do cost a bomb after all. But I'm sad that this seems to be dying out as it's one of my favourite weird-things-that-only-happy-at-weddings.

More than anything else, tossing the flowers can make for a great photo. It's a perfect action and reaction shot and a great chance to try something creative as a wedding photographer. This shot from John Clark must be our first ever winner for such a well known wedding day moment and I love what he has done with it. It takes confidence and skill to involve this many people in a wedding photo and to light it as well. The resulting image is energetic, multi layered and playful. Let's all bring back Bouquet Tossing for 2018, you with me?