Have you been out for a walk yet in some woods? The colours at this time of year are just incredible, a warm palette of golds, reds and amber. It is food for the creative soul and I'm feeling super inspired from starting every day with a walk in my local woods with Gilbert. And it's that gorgeous warm autumnal toning that first drew me into this image from the immensely talented Yannick Zurfl├╝ch. the colours are muted yet rich, timeless yet so of the moment.

 But above and beyond those gorgeous tones, I am drawn to this photo for the connection in the couple. The placement and interlinking of their hands is exquisite and speaks a deluge of emotion while their faces remain still and stoic. This picture is intimate almost to the point where the viewer feels like an intruder, it is a very beautiful photograph that displays a very special skillset from Yannick.