Why so late for Image of the Week Devlin, eh? Yikes.. I don't know how anyone takes a holiday and runs a business! I was over in The States for two whole weeks and while it was an incredible holiday, I'm not getting anywhere trying to catch up now I'm back. Oh and landing home straight into the flu really didn't help much. It's times like this that I super envy anyone who has an actual job where you get paid holiday or sick pay while someone very nicely gets on with your job for you!

Anyway, enough of my woes and onto Image of the Week. HUGE thanks to Dale Weeks for going through the feed for me this time and picking a winner. How adorable is this sun soaked shot from Tora Baker? Maybe it's because I'm totally missing the Californian warmth and sunsets so much but I utterly adore this, how he has picked her up, walking through that gorgeous field into the sunset, the warm backlight.. if this was any sweeter you could use it as the cover on a box of Milk Tray.