Autumn, I love it so, so much. The lights, the colours and the fact that the weddings start to slow down. So it's the perfect time to put some energy into your business and to pick up the baton again with marketing. So how about doing some self motivated shoots to blow away the creative cobwebs? I very much believe that shooting for yourself helps to push all your work up a level so I love to see what Farmers get up to when they pull together their own shoots.

I saw this on Hannah B's social media and just like a good sneak peek should do, it makes me super intrigued to see some more. I'm looking forward to a full blog post on this but for now, I'm super impressed with this waterfall shot. We first met Hannah at our Shoot Day and it looks like she has fully taken on board that these can be Shoots in Your Style not necessarily OTT Styled Shoots. If you do it well enough, a girl, a dress and an incredible location can be enough.