OK I fess up.. with all the excitement of getting FarmShop launched yesterday I might have slightly forgotten about Image of the Week. Hey.. I can't be on top of everything so don't judge me and on these weeks where I miss it by a day, I always come at you with an utter corker. So let me present this intriguing image from Sean Bell. In fact I think I first met Sean at the Scottish part of FarmShop last year and by following his social media since then, I've seen so many incredible images. He certainly is a master at the dark moody Scottish thing.

However it was another image of his, of a couple in the rain that first caught my attention this week and I was going to make it my winner. It's pack full of joy an energy whereas this image I love for all it's stillness and how sombre it is for a wedding photo. I think a great wedding photographer can cover a wide range in order to reflect his clients' and his own passions. This image is made by the approaching car, suddenly something interesting becomes a complete story. I also adore how he has made use of the night, a time when many of us stop being so creative.