Still busy shooting? I know I am but that's great because September and October are my favourite months for weddings. The light warms up, the sun sets earlier and we don't sweat quite so much as we run around a wedding! So there is more chance that you can shoot at dusk with a couple and make the best of that lovely soft warm light, like Yannick Zurflüh did here. We met Yannick at last year's FarmShop and following his work since then I can see him going from strength to strength. He is an outstanding photographer and there are quite a few elements in this image that I absolutely adore. 

First up the black and white processing, of course it seems like the obvious route is to stick with colour and make the most of the warm tones but back lit, low light images can have added drama when you remove the colour altogether. It also brings more softness and therefore more romance. I love that rim light that gently surrounds them and picks them out from the background plus that almost kiss. I also really like that he has chosen a frame where the focus is on her shoulder. It reminds me of last year's overall winning image from Zoë Campbell. This is very tender and very beautiful.