September! There you are, I've been wondering when you would show up. So this is where we all get to catch up with ourselves, right? The editing starts to become under control and those album orders finally get sent off. September is also my favourite month to shoot in, that soft warm light, so nice right? One thing that I love right now is how many couples seem to be coming to the UK for a shoot that is often not part of the main wedding or an engagement or anniversary. A Just Because Shoot we should call them. I think a large part of why these are becoming more popular is because of the beautiful work that many photographers are putting out on their social media. 

Couples are responding to seeing stunning images in outstanding locations. They see these as a stand alone adventure or something fun to do when they travel. And they understand that these are not shot on a wedding day, that a special effort goes into them. I imagine this is what has occurred here with this shot from a gorgeous series by Jo at Enchanted Brides. The couple travelled to Cornwall from Holland and cavorted about in the sea in their wedding attire. I love how free they look and the sea is so still it has created this lovely muted reflection. Jo must have been right down in the water to get this angle but it was very much worth the effort.