Hey, how are you coping with August? Just one more weekend to go, yay! So in the spirit of all things celebratory, how about this for a knock out shot? From the very lovely Emma at Epic Love Story, what I utterly adore about this is how thoroughly in the moment the couple are. The bride is simultaneously throwing her arms in the air with pure joy while also kissing her husband. He is just clinging on to her with such a happy expression and of course the confetti takes everything up a few levels.


This image must sum up exactly how they felt in that moment, exactly that part of the song, exactly what love looks like. I also really like how Emma has kept the lighting simple. I'm not a fan of lighting a dance floor in a way that doesn't reflect what it actually felt like at the time. So if its swirling disco lights, do that; if it's still daylight, do that; if it was pretty dark, do that. I am however a big fan of confetti and if their venue doesn't allow it at the ceremony, then why not suggest having it at the first dance!?