What do you think of our fresh new look, fancy eh? It's all thanks to those clever people over at The Design Space and one of their easy to adapt templates. Time for another Image of the Week and oh my, those Farmers have been busy of late. The Facebook Feed is jam packed full of cracking sneak peeks. The vast majority of shots are couple portraits so to stand out in that category, I feel that you need to really come up with something special. So how about this rather epic composition?

Captured by the very brilliant Jo Donaldson, who I think has really found her stride with both her work and her marketing. She has really considered the venue and how to make the best of it, then created an image that not only showcases that really well but also the atmosphere of the party and the connection within the bride and groom. That's a hell of a lot to pack into one frame! And I don't believe that little pool of light was just there, so technically this shot is next level stuff.