Last weekend my home city was taken over by Gay Pride, it is always incredibly fun but also a great reminder that not all of society is open minded or tolerant. I posted a series of images from same sex weddings on my Instagram and predictably my followers went down. I don't know why but while it saddens me that some people maybe choose not to see images like that, it also makes me glad that they go as they are not the right audience for me. Coincidentally, our Farmers Image of the Week is also from a same sex wedding. 

This is such an interesting and strong photograph whether it was a straight or gay couple but the fact that it is two men seems to give it extra gravitas. The climbing upwards together seems so optimistic, like they and the viewer are forging forwards. Add in that dramatic sky and it now appears to be hinting at new beginnings. This is an impressive and powerful image and I have so much respect for the photographer, Dan Morris. It is also just so damn stylish!