Image of the Week on a Sunday? Yes sorry about the delay on this but I took a week off.. I know outrageous but I've started doing this every August to spend some time with my family. We stayed in safari tents on an actual farm and totally switched off from the devices and the wifi and had a few days of slow cooking and being out in nature. I am very sad to be home and back at my desk but it was lovely to scroll through the Farmers feed and see what they have been up to. It looks like they have mostly been super busy at lots and lots of weddings, this time of year can feel a little crazy for wedding photographers, hence why I take a break!

This shoot jumped out for me this week in the farmers feed, it's from Stephanie at Soul Season Photography with a couple that wanted a wedding shoot away from their wedding day. I adore this idea.. far too often the couple session on the day gets rushed or compromised if time is tight. You can feel like they are stressing about the logistics instead of just being in the moment. In many cultures, the portraits are never done on the day for this very reason and this series shows why a few days later when all the chaos has ended is actually a perfect time for the couple to connect and for you to create a series of relaxed photographs like these gorgeous ones.