How is wedding season working out for you? I know that this time of year can start to feel like you are on a wedding treadmill with no end in sight. Keeping up your creativity can be a little tricky when you are shooting, shooting, shooting .. or as we call it at Farm Shoot, Edit, Sleep, Repeat. So it's actually the perfect time to step away and dive into some training just when you need the inspiration the most. And in the last couple of weeks we have had some events for just that purpose including a workshop with the very brilliant Nessa K. There, she talked about shooting at Blue Hour, which comes just after sunset and can be a very interesting tome to create images.

One of the photographers in attendance was the lovely Eliza Claire and she has taken on board much of what Nessa taught already. Including coming up with this extraordinary image shot at Blue Hour. What I adore about this shot is that it is packed full of elements that will scream to that couple about the details of their wedding day. The car, the hog roast, the kids playing, the party going on behind them. And there they are taking a moment to embrace right in the middle of it all. I can imagine all the sounds that must have surrounded them, the music playing, the kids squealing, the guests chatting. To put this much narrative in one image is an extraordinary skill.