Right now I seem to be doing so many engagement shoots. I'm not complaining, I really enjoy doing them ... I can get to know couples ahead of their wedding day and I can also shoot in a less pressured way. They don't have to be anything too elaborate, in fact yesterday I did one in a bed! I'd arranged to meet the couple at their hotel and as I quite like shooting inside right now I suggested we start shooting in the room. The room turned out to be nothing but a bed, literally squashed up against three walls with no floor space. But as it was raining heavily, I embraced it and shot mostly just with them at one end and me at the other. It was a challenge, especially as the widest lens in my bag was 50 mm, but it was also quite fun. 

Like I said to my couple yesterday, all we really need is some light and enough space for you to have a cuddle and we can make pictures. So that is maybe why I'm particularly drawn to this gorgeous image from the lovely Tora Baker. She took her couple to a huge park here in Brighton for a shoot at sunset and I love all the images she posted on her Facebook page but I particularly love this image for its intimacy and its romance. It is a testament to Tora's skill as a director that she can enable a couple to feel this level of connection with each other whilst being photographed. Yes, we might all be really busy right now with weddings but if you can, keep making time for these shoots too and show us what you can come up with.