Does anyone else feel like our glorious capital has been taking a bit of a beating recently? Such sad news has been coming at us far too often and my kids are getting anxiety every time I go there for work. But last week as I travelled by tube and looked at the tunnels and walls around me, I tried to think of just how much the city has already survived and how it still has so much to give us. One wedding photographer that has London in her veins is Lisa Jane.

A Londoner born and bred, when I think of her work, I think of the real London not the tourist sights. It's gritty, it's warm, it's honest and like the city itself it is packed full of heart and creativity. This image shot at The Barbican last weekend totally sums that up for me. Clients who invest in their photography emotionally as well as financially and make time at their weddings for artistic portraiture. Super inspiring, which is why I asked Lisa to be one of the shoot leaders at next month's Shoot Day