This week saw two very obvious winners crop up for Image of the Week. I can't decide between them both as they are both stunning in equal measures but for different reasons. So I'm holding the second one back until next week and putting up the one that came up first in my timeline. At this year's big event for us, FarmShop I invited photographers that I hugely admire to come together and teach a unique workshop. I asked them to teach individual sections that combined would make a complete wedding photography workshop and I asked that they made sure the attendees were encouraged to take part, not just turn up and listen. Of course, it is down to the individual to then take that cue and implement the changes or complete the tasks. And it's been such a joy to see some of the photographers that came grow from the experience and carry out the exercises or tasks that were set to them.

The incredible Todd Hunter McGaw, took the time to handwrite photographic challenges for each of us. I really enjoyed doing mine and it pushed me to shoot in a way that I never normally would, I got Shoot A Series of 5 Images with Intentional Blur. But I admit that I didn't envy Millie Benbow who got Do a Shoot at Dawn, my mornings are hectic enough. So I super admire that Millie and Jo planned a shoot with a 4.30am start. The big risk with Dawn Shoots as opposed to Dusk ones is that you can't always predict what the light will do and it might not be worth it. But the huge benefit is that you get well known beauty spots all to yourself before the day trippers invade. This time the early morning provided a romantic mist and this couple's connection is beautiful, it's like a still from some gorgeous film. I am in so much awe and hugely impressed with Millie and Jo for rising to Todd's challenge so eloquently.