Have to say, that I'm still buzzing after this year's FarmShop and you know what? I'm already planning the next one for March 2018. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to find out when it will be. Meantime back to business and time for another Farmers Image of the Week. As we've been going for quite a few years now, I guess it's only right that some former attendees have gone on to become mentors, like Lisa Jane. In my mind the fact that she started as a student means that she still qualifies for entry to this. Hell, I've not really got hard and fast rules about it but I know a great image when I see it. 

So often at FarmShop, we were told to seek beyond our genre for inspiration and that's what I'm looking for when I go through the weekly feed looking for winners. Not a version of something that's already out there or that belongs to someone else. So this shot is a stand out for me ... It's not an obvious 'wedding' image but it is tender and intimate. In a week where I've seen many posts from wedding photographers moaning about shooting in the strong sunlight, Lisa gives us a masterclass in embracing the environment and making it an asset not a hindrance. (Cue other FarmShop theme, Moan Less!)