Well, that was quite the week! A full year in the planning, our biggest event to date FarmShop was held last week in Brighton and then Glasgow. In case you have been hiding under a rock and missed all the social media buzz about it, yes it was incredible and yes you should have come along. Some of the very best wedding photographers from every corner of the earth flew in to educate, participate and shoot. This would normally be the part where I'm on the floor with exhaustion but I'm the very opposite .. energised, excited and already planning next year!

Lots of our attendees ended up signing up for Shoot Sessions with the mentors and my favourite part of the aftermath is seeing some of their images start to appear. Have a look at the hashtag #farmshop17 if you also want to see some. There are some brilliant prizes up for grabs for them from SmartAlbums, SmartSlides and Wooden Banana so they have plenty of incentives! So far this one stands out to me. Shot by Lauren from LS Photography while she was on Jim Pollard's Shoot. We couldn't give him mountains or a helicopter but Scotland did give him wind and this is a stunning shot.