You should see me right now. The office is packed to the ceiling full of stuff needed for next week's FarmShop and I'm up to my eyeballs in spreadsheets. Now our biggest event to date is very nearly here, it's time to pull all the last minute bits and pieces together. It's been a year in the planning and this week I keep thinking of when I met Whitney Chamberlin who runs Field Trip in the US. He was in London on holiday and came to our wrap party at Farm Week despite it being the week before Field Trip. I was amazed that he could take a holiday right before, 'Isn't there a ton of admin to do?' I asked him. He explained that everybody had all the info that they needed and if he was at home, it would just be him telling everybody that. He puts the out-of-office on and off he goes. Flipping' Genius!

Well I don't have Whitney's skills although I greatly admire them. So picking Image of the Week is a welcome distraction right now. I had to dig around this week to find something outstanding but tucked away on his blog I spotted this beauty from Jason Williams. I love to see what other photographers do with those 'key shots' that we all take, like First Dance. I admit, I'm not super creative with flash but I do love to see when others are. I think this backlight/rim light/ flare combination has added so much atmosphere to this shot. Our lighting expert Adam is going to be giving us ideas for lighting dance floor shots at FarmShop on the Sponsor Day. Did you know it's totally free to attend? Just get yourself down to Brighton or Glasgow next week.