Facebook groups for photographers, how many are you in? There seem to be so many now and I'm in quite a few. Some are places to post your latest work, to get likes or opinions and it can be quite insightful to see what your peers might say. They can be a little scary but I think the groups that encourage you to post to a theme are the most interesting. I'm in one run by Junebug for photographers and I love the ideas that they put forward for you to have in mind when posting images.

Their last theme was Make it Rain and of course us Brits have a slight advantage when it comes to having rainy pictures. The best images make it onto the Junebug website and that is where I spied this shot from Jade at Gasp Photography. I've seen this backlit in the rain shot done a few times now but to me this one seems fresh. I love the little dots of rain and that for all its technical merit Jade still created a shot that has a feeling of romance and intimacy.