As we count down to our biggest event yet, FarmShop in just over two weeks, I've found myself talking about Farm a lot. In fact I'm just travelling back from Scotland now where I have done a talk to a group of photographers and recorded an upcoming podcast. Even though we've been going for six years now of course new photographers come into the industry all the time so I can never assume that people know what it is that Farm offers. And when I think about it or talk about it, I have to say that the community and connections made at Farm is one of its biggest assets. 

One of my favourite things that happens every now and then is when Farmers shoot Farmers. So I loved seeing some images from a shoot Zoë Campbell did with Jo Donaldson and her chap Liam. The resulting images are so pretty, I adore the mood and the tones. I know Zoë is currently working on a new website and I for one can't wait to see all her recent work presented in a really nice way. I'm expecting some good things for her this year, she has most definitely found her photography mojo. I've had a cracking couple of days up here and caught up with many Scottish Farmers and now I'm super excited to return and meet some new Farmers.