Did you catch my Facebook live this week with Kat from Rock n Roll Bride? One of the topics that we covered was the content of her section at the upcoming FarmShop. Amongst several other things, Kat will talk about Styled Shoots and where she sees them heading. I'm looking forward to hearing her opinions and I know that it takes quite a lot for any styled shoots to get featured right now. This doesn't mean that I think we should stop doing them but if you are going to attempt one, you need to work hard to make sure it is original and inspiring. 

A photographer who is not particularly known for his styled shoots is Neil Thomas Douglas but it turns out that when he does turn his hand to them, they are as exciting as his other work. I was especially looking forward to seeing this one as it was at our venue for Glasgow's FarmShop later this month and it looks like he had access to some of the spaces our mentors will be heading to for the Day Two Shoot Sessions. From what I've seen, Neil has set the bar pretty high and I'm looking forward to seeing some more from his shoot as well as what our groups at FarmShop will come up with.