My internet has been down all morning. It doesn't happen often but it did make me think about just how much of our work relies on being online these days. I was late uploading some images for a magazine that I should really have done last night, but anyway I'm catching up now. I have probably been more productive because I couldn't jump on to the usual social medias and websites. Luckily I had already selected this Image of the Week and it's another from the incredible Maria Luise Bauer. I spotted it in one of those huge Facebook groups that are just about showing off your images.

It seems that it's often the most controversial photos that garner the most attention in those kind of groups now. The quieter, more thoughtful images can be overlooked even though they may deeply express an emotion or show us the photographer's craft. This shot drew me in for several reasons. The darkness, the intimacy, the warm tones and the fact that the main focus is on the fella, something so many of us fail to do (yep that'll be me). It says she shot it in Bali where the obvious would be to show off the landscape but instead Maria has pared it right down to a beautiful love story.