Well this is a thing of beauty, am I right? There are so many tricks and flips going on in wedding photography right now and I find all that stuff really exciting but I also love to see simple, honest portraiture done really well. I always do my best to get a bridal portrait when my client is ready and just about to leave. I think they can be some of your most beautiful and emotional images and you will see a fair few of them as winners here. This one is utterly stunning, I am so impressed with the use of light and post production to achieve an Old Master feel.

Jason Williams shot this last summer but linked again to it on his Facebook page this week. The whole blog post is super pretty but this image blows me away. And clever little strategy too, when you are not so busy at this time of year, don't just post nothing because you might not have much new work. Post some of your best work from a while back because remember those couples looking for 17/18 will most likely have only just found you, so show them what you are made of. Re-link to posts or get some pretty pictures up on your Instagram right now, OK?