Whatever you see online, there is no doubt that this can be a challenging job and sometimes not even in the ways that you might expect. You might occasionally get this, I know I do ... the client who says they don't want to have any 'portraits' done on their wedding day. Oh how my heart sinks. Not because I want to control everything but I know what they are thinking. That there they will be on their wedding day, wafting around all happy and you will just happen to capture little loving moments between them. In reality couples spend so little actual time together on the day that this is really hard to achieve. 

So when Simon Brettell put this blog post in our Facebook group and explained that they were that kind of couple and that he only had this one shot, I was super impressed that he came up with something so creative and elegant. A lot of us would go into panic mode or not attempt anything too elaborate in case it didn't work. But Simon has really pulled off something very beautiful but also technical. I'll bet this couple are utterly thrilled in the end that they did commit to this and that they really treasure this image. Simon honed his OCF skills on Adam's Flash Day at our Elements workshop.