One of my absolute favourite aspects to running Photography Farm is watching photographers after they have done some training with us and seeing a change and progression. We met Jo from Enchanted Brides at Gabe McClintock's two day workshop at Farm back in November and I've been blown away by the work she has been producing ever since. Based down in Cornwall, Jo has put a lot of energy into self-motivated projects like the shoot that this image is from. After seeing a behind the scenes shots on her Instagram of them prepping this in a toilet, I was super intrigued to see what she was planning.

Here is what Jo said about the shoot.. "I'm still chuckling away to myself every time I think about it. There are severe weather warnings in place, torrential rain, and icy gales! We shot near Land's end...a rather extreme and exposed section of the Cornish coastline. To make matters even worse we didn't have a venue or anywhere to do hair and makeup, luckily we found a men's urinals that were unlocked, it was originally going to be done in a cave! ...Glamorous shooting at its finest! I don't really do things in halves but when I do shit like this I feel very much alive." We could not be more impressed with you and the team that helped you out on this Jo.