This week I've been tweaking my processing. I think new year, new look, does anyone else do the same? I've already shot my first wedding of 2017 and want to keep pushing myself and evolving what I do. One photographer that I think is really coming into her own right now is Zoë from Zoë Alexandra Photography. We are all on journeys for want of a better word and at Farm Zoë has been with us from the start so I've seen her evolution along the way.

I feel like when she also attended our last Farm workshop with Gabe McClintock, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place and I think 2017 will be a dynamic and exciting year for her. So I look forward to seeing what happens. Meantime I'm loving seeing images like this one from her. It looks so simple but I see so many people get this kind of shot wrong. Just a couple in a landscape showing their connection. Every element to this shot has been executed perfectly and it is a lesson in artistry.