There are so many incredible End Of Year Review posts going up right now. I've really enjoyed looking through a few and I posted my own one to round off 2016. I could easily choose dozens of fantastic shots from Farmers that I've seen in these reviews but I'm also very aware that these are people showing the very best of their best. A very curated version of their year. Don't forget that when you look through a few yourself. It's all too easy to feel inadequate in comparison and end up questioning the standard of your own work. But remember, you are looking at trailers, not the whole movie. So when it comes to compiling your own review, take it for what it is. A chance to look back, see what you are happy with and what you could improve upon. Then move on.

So let's also move on with Image of the Week. Many of us are still shooting weddings and this time of year brings its own challenges. I love to see what people do when the elements that make our lives easier, like pretty light or decent weather are simply not there. Another thing that I love to see is people who have done Adam's flash class and it pushes them to keep experimenting and embracing flash. So this partly why I've chosen Kathryn Edward's OCF couple portrait this week. But the other reason is that despite dealing with all the technical aspects of this shot, she has also not neglected to make this all about the couple and their connection to each other. Plus.. that starburst is super pretty. We have some new dates lined up for our Elements class and will post them very soon.