Recently I seem to have been speaking about Farm a lot. Sometimes to potential new industry partners (fingers crossed) and sometimes to new people on board either as workshop attendees or because they have booked onto FarmShop. And people always want to know the plan with Farm. Here's the news, there really isn't one. It's been an evolution that could never have been predicted and planned. I take it from one event to the next, to the next and some go well and some maybe don't go so well but from each one take the lessons on board and move on with them in mind. I could never have imagined from that first workshop at Farm in 2011 to now, just how far

this would all go and just how many new people it would bring into my world. I constantly marvel at how far Farm reaches and it's always extra heart warming when people make the effort to travel to us from other countries. Germany based Maria Luise Bauer joined us at Farm Week last year for classes with Nessa K and Neil Thomas Douglas and I've just spent a while delving into her website and viewing her utterly stunning work. If you get the time go see for yourself, meantime I think you will agree that this image of a couple dancing on a mountaintop in Italy is packed full of drama, intimacy and good old fashioned romance.