We are at Farm today for a workshop with Gabe McClintock. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to be back in this space all learning together and reflecting on our own work. I believe everyone can do with a shot of inspiration at least once a year and we are getting it in buckets here. I wish you could all be here taking part but for now I'm pretty sure our 16 new Farmers are going to be taking so much away from this when they leave tomorrow. So to Image of the Week. 

I have a thing about wedding couples in every day situations. I love the juxtaposition between the ordinary and the extraordinary, it highlights just how special a day can be for one person while it is mundane for another. That is why I adore this image from Claire at C J Nash Photography. The couple framed by a commuter tram. This photo is also technically very clever while the connection between the couple has not been compromised for it.