There is always something creative that you can shoot and new directions that you can take. Those are the kind of images that I'm often on the look out for with Image of the Week. So I have this theory that as the main photographer you are expected to be directing or be seen to be doing something at all times in the couple shoot when actually sometimes all you want to do is step back and gather your thoughts, see what's there. Now your second shooter can stand back.. they have that luxury. 

Sometimes I even get my second to lead the shoot so I can step back and really look at a scene. And I like to occasionally second shoot just to see what I can come up with when the pressure is off. This shot from Fiona Higgins was second shot around Neil Thomas Douglas and it is not the first second shooter picture to win. Here, Fiona used the time very well to play around creatively and has come up with this really interesting double exposure and I'm pretty sure Neil would have also nailed the main shot.